Gardening and Landscape Design

A graduate of Engineering of Planted Territory is a specialist of green construction (green plantation establishment and exploitation) who is able to design simple structures, small architecture, engineering systems, to organize their construction, arrangement of environment, exploitation of green plantations.

The essential aim of the programme is to prepare gardening and their design specialists who are able to work for green plantation establishment and maintenance institutions of different dependence, to organize their own business and to adapt creatively to the changes of labor market.

After successful completion of the study programme, the graduate

  • Will know and will be able to evaluate ornamental and garden plants, to analyze their anatomy, morphology, systematics, bio-ecological peculiarities and latest growing technologies;
  • Will identify and analyze arising problems associated with the activity of ornamental and garden plant selection and growing, defining the ways and means of decision making;
  • While forming cultural landscape and designing green plantations, he will be able to analyze and assess mutual relationship between man-made environment and nature in ecological, economic, aesthetic, ethno-cultural and social aspects;
  • Will know the principles, ways and means of landscape formation, green plantation design, and artistic arrangement;
  • Will be able to collect, analyze and interpret data acquired from practical observations, research, measurements and other information sources and to present them in written, visual or graphic form, depending on request;
  • Will have fundamental knowledge about nature and its phenomena and processes, will know their reasons, ways of control and quantitative manifestation;
  • Will perform geodetic measurements, green plantation establishment and maintenance technologies, will know methods of action management and the principles of quality assurance;
  • Will be able to select plants for interiors with different purposes and environmental conditions and will apply them according to the basics of floral interior design, following novelties and creatively applying them in the sphere of floral design;
  • Will be able to assess business environment, to establish a business enterprise, to make and present a business plan, to perform estimate calculations for green plantation project and to assure the quality of activity;
  • Will develop holistic approach in making professional decision, balancing input, benefit, safety, quality, reliability, ecology, aesthetism, appearance and impact on environment;
  • Will use different information networks and sources, data basis, legal acts and documents in performing simple and operative information search and preparing textual and graphic documentation;
  • Will communicate and collaborate, will develop tolerance, respect to other person’s opinion, ability to work in multiprofile group and make responsible decisions;
  • Will be able to rationally plan work time, form life style linking it with constant professional development, innovation search and readiness for lifelong learning.

For deepening the learning outcomes, students may choose specializations; Homestead Greening and Flower Growing Technologies. These specializations reflect substantially the processes in Lithuania: rapid establishment of individual homesteads and lack of flower seedlings. Having chosen these specializations, the graduates:

  • Will design elements of homestead green plantation;
  • Will organize implementation of homestead green plantation project;
  • Will model flower growing technologies;
  • Will be able to organize the production process of floricultural enterprise.


STUDY PLAN (FULL-TIME) Valids since 2011, 2012

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