Kauno kolegija

Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences is non-university type state institution of higher education. ERASMUS ID Code of the institution: LT KAUNAS 08.

Kauno kolegija is one of the largest state-owned higher education institutions not only in Lithuania, but in the whole Baltic Region. It was established in 2000 . Since November 2011, Kauno kolegija possesses the status of public enterprise with its new Statute . Currently there are about 8000 students at Kauno Kolegija. More than 16 thousand graduates have already joined the labor market. They have successfully rooted in various Lithuanian and foreign enterprises. Kauno kolegija implements first cycle professional bachelor studies in the study areas of biomedicine, humanities, social sciences, technological sciences and arts. Currently, Kauno kolegija has the following structural units: Faculty of Economics and Law, Justinas Vienozinskis Faculty of Arts, Kedainiai Jonusas Radvila Faculty, Faculty of Landscape, Faculty of Health Care, Faculty of Technologies, Faculty of Business Management, Department of Taurage, Department of Druskininkai and maintaining divisions (services, centers, libraries, canteens, a swimming pool, hostels etc.). A number of services and centers are functioning for successful study process organization and study quality assurance: Document Management, Personnel, Law and Public Purchases, Foreign Relations, Public Relations and Communication, Study Quality Management, Study Affairs, Accountancy, Personnel Safety and Health, Premises and Real Estate Exploitation, Internal Audit, Information and Communication Technologies, Students’ Admission and Career, Applied Research, Publishing Center, Printing House etc. Kauno koelgija library, functioning as an integral unit of the institution, is a member of LABT, Association of Lithuanian College Libraries. The automatic library programme “ALEPH 500” has been implemented at Kauno kolegija library.

Kauno kolegija actively collaborates with more than 160 foreign partner institutions; with 137 of them – according to the European Union Erasmus exchange programme. Kauno koelgija is a member of EURASHE, EAIE, UASNET, BUSINET, EAEC, ENPHE international associations and networks, and therefore has a longtime experience in international projects and partnership. Applied research at Kauno koelgija covers research performance, publications, publishing activity, organization of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, qualification development courses and other events, expert activity, consultations, artistic creative activity. With the help of the EU structural funds and other financial sources, during the period of 2007-2013 14 different projects will be implemented at Kauno kolegija. Their total worth is more than 22 thousand Litas.