Sustainable farming (New!)

Name of a study programme: Sustainable farming.

Language of instruction of a study programme: Lithuanian.

Qualification to be awarded: Professional Bachelor of Agriculture sciences.

Place of delivery of a study programme: Faculty of Technologies and Landscaping of Public enterprise Kauno kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences, Pramonės pr. 22, LT- 50387 Kaunas.  JAR code 111965284, www.kauko.lt

Summary of Profile of Study Programme:

Objective(s) of a study programme:

Learning outcomes:

  1. Apply speciality, business language and information technology skills and professional ethics and the principle of sustainable economics activity communication and cooperation, the application of professional activity, responsibility, optical thinking with.
  2. Collect and group scientific and technical information, it is linked to sustainable farming and agro-tourism integration capabilities to adapt to specific situations partnerships, in accordance with the responsibility and duty
  3. Analyze agricultural business around the evaluation of environment-friendly and safe farming ideas, constructive communication and cooperation, acceptance of responsibility for performance.
  4. Apply agricultural production of technological knowledge and research-based modeling, design and implement environment-friendly technology to ensure human and environmental safety.
  5. Apply agricultural products processing technological know-how, the selection of agricultural products storage, primary processing and marketing processes,
  6. Run a farmhouse renovation works in conjunction with the sustainable development of the territory, exclusive of local social, cultural and environmental characteristics, taking into account the ethnic, social and cultural context of their work
  7. Identify agro-tourism services for the organization in conjunction with the principles of sustainable farming, plan and organize their provision, in accordance with professional ethics, communication and collaboration, creativity, and ethno-cultural elements.
  8. Plan and organize agricultural businesses develop and implement projects to assess the problems and their causation and plan solutions in a changing business environment, constructive communication and cooperation, and to adapt to new situations.

 Summary of Profile of Study Programme:

Activities of teaching and learning: Ongoing student-centered teaching and learning with an emphasis on the student’s self- employment work, based on problem solving and use of research results

Methods of assessment of learning achievements: The cumulative assessment, which consists of an examination, practical and self-employment assessments.


Study modules: General college study modules: (30 cr.): (Communication (10 cr.), Ecology and Environment (10 cr.), Agricultural Economics and Policy (10 cr.). Study field modules (120 cr.): Sustainable farming and agro-tourism basics; Environmentally friendly plant technology; Environmentally friendly horticulture technology; Environmentally friendly livestock, beekeeping and fishing techniques; Agricultural production management; Farm management; Agro-tourism services organization; Country houses handling. Practice: technological practice of integrated modules (24 credits), the final professional practice (10 credits). Optional courses: (10 cr.) Plant composition and interior phytodesign; Non-traditional crops. Other things (at least 10 credits) from www.kauko.lt

Distinctive features of a study programme:

Modular program: More than half of the study subjects can be taught in a virtual environment (Moodle).

Access to professional activity or further study:

Access to professional activity: The graduates will acquire knowledge and skills to establish and organize business of Sustainable farming, commodity production and ecological farming in private and state sectors.

Access to further study: In Agronomy Faculty of Alexandra’s Stulginskis University, Hungary Corvinus University and other foreign agricultural universities.


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