Technologies of Agro Business

The essential aim of the programme is to prepare professional bachelors of agricultural sciences who are able to plan, organize and manage the activity of specialized farm, to select and implement plant growing and animal husbandry technologies, to organize realization of agricultural production, to assure the quality of agricultural products, to establish an enterprise and to apply creatively to the changes of the labor market.

Three main aims are formulated to achieve the essential aim of the TAB study programme. They cover all spheres of the activity of professional bachelor in technologies of agricultural business, interrelated integral links which ensure the systematic entity of the study programme.

The first aim – “To organize and manage technological process of agricultural production” – is oriented to growing plants and rearing animals by different technologies. Having analyzed growing technologies and having assessed the latest achievements of science and practice, graduate will be able to analyze the possibilities of technology selection in growing different plants and rearing animals. He/she will also be able to plan and organize continuous work process in a specialized plant growing and animal husbandry enterprise.

The second aim – „To establish an agricultural enterprise and to manage it” – corresponds with the context with another activity: graduate will be able to assess business environment, to make estimate calculations of enterprise activity. He/she will also be able to establish a business enterprise, to select marketable breeds of animals and assortment of field plants, to assure the quality of the established enterprise’s activity. Graduate will know the tendencies of the Lithuanian agriculture; will be able to supply the production process with necessary resources and to prepare plant growing and animal husbandry products for realization.

The third aim – “To cooperate and collaborate in making rational professional decisions” – foresees that graduate will be able to evaluate plant growing and animal husbandry technologies according to multifactor assessment system. This aim obliges graduates to be able to use internet accesses, data basis and other documents, to analyze them properly and formulate conclusions, to be able to communicate and cooperate in virtual environment, to speak and write in correct Lithuanian and at least one foreign language. He/she will be able to link his/her work activity with making common decisions by agreement, not ignoring colleagues’ initiative; to form intellectual provisions – creativity, innovativeness, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, discipline, honesty, accuracy, responsibility and motivation. Professional bachelor must be able to set up a professional development plan, to implement the principle of life-long learning and to develop positive attitude to healthy life style.

For deepening learning outcomes, students may choose specializations; horticultural production and ecological production. These specializations fully reflect the current processes in Lithuania – rapid establishment of individual farms and attractive market conditions.

Study plan (part time)

Study plan (full time)